Login On Connect (LOC)


The Login-on-Connect (LOC) feature allows you to pre-login while connecting to AfterNET. Using Login-on-Connect bypasses you from RBL scans and hides your hostname before anyone can see your real IP address. We recommend everyone give it a try.

To use Login-on-Connect, you must first have an AfterNET AuthServ Account. Register for one here if you don't already have one.

Login-on-connect uses the “server password” feature built into most IRC clients. All you do is put your specially formatted login information into the server password box like this:

/username/password (slash, your username, slash, your password)

for example, my username is Rubin, and if my pasword was zanzabar I would put the following into my password box:


When you connect to AfterNET using the new password, you should see a message like the following:

*** Attempting service login to authserv

Client Specific Instructions:


  • Make sure you can login the normal way to AuthServ: /msg authserv auth username password
  • If you get a message about /QUOTE PASS that means your username, or password is wrong, or maybe AuthServ is down?
  • Some people reported having to close mIRC and re-open it before LOC started working.
  • You must have a *@* host (default) set in AuthServ since LOC does not know your hostname.
  • The 'server group' must be the string “AfterNET” exactly. mIRC wont send the password if the name doesn't match what the server announces itself as.
  • Try typing the password string into notepad so you can see it. Then paste it into the password box.