This page describes how you would register for an account on the AfterNET IRC network. AfterNET allows you to register accounts but does not allow you to use a Nickserv or similar feature to reserve your nick.

At present you will need to start off by establishing a connection to AfterNET IRC using your client.

Once you have connected successfully you can register your account.

The syntax you need to use is

/msg AuthServ register <account> <password> <email> 


  • <account> is the account name you wish to have
  • <password> is the password for the account you would like to use
  • <email> is the email address you would like to register with

(You do not enter the <> around the values)

Once you have completed this message send it from your IRC client (usually by pressing Enter).

You will then receive an Email into your registered email address to verify it, follow these instructions to confirm the account.

The email will give you a “cookie” along with the command to enter which is

/msg AuthServ cookie <account> <cookie> 


  • <account> is the account name you entered earlier
  • <cookie> is the cookie value from your Email

(again, do not enter the <>)

Once you have done this AuthServ will confirm you have registered and able to login with your account - it will then log you in.

This is detailed in the X3 Help system:

Command help for: REGISTER
/msg AuthServ@X3.AfterNET.Services REGISTER <account> <password> <email>
DO NOT TYPE THE < and >! <> indicates required fields.
Register is the command to create an an account with AuthServ. Having an account provides a single login identity for the network, and for use with X3.
Email activation is required: An email will be sent to the email address you give to verify it. You must provide a valid email address or registration will fail. After you register, check your email for instructions validating your account.

If you already have an account, login using the AUTH command: /msg AuthServ@X3.AfterNET.Services AUTH <accountname> <password>
See Also: auth, unregister
=------------- End of Help -------------=
Command help for: COOKIE
/msg AuthServ@X3.AfterNET.Services COOKIE <account> <cookie>
Completes the maintenance action (for example, activating an account or changing your password) for which a cookie was issued.  The cookie will then be forgotten.
See Also: authcookie, resetpass, set, delcookie
=------------- End of Help -------------=