AuthServ is a special “bot” which manages user accounts for AfterNET.

Everyone who uses AfterNET regularly should create an account. Accounts let you:

  • be known by our channel service bot X3
  • hide your hostname, set preferences
  • send and receive offline messages (via memoserv)
  • avoid abusive users
  • and more!

Creating Your Account

There are 2 ways to create an account:

Go to our website (you are here)


Connect on IRC and /msg AuthServ commands

/msg AuthServ register <account> <password> <email>      (without the '<' and '>' !)
  • <account> - Enter the account name you want to create
  • <password> - type the password you wish to use
  • <email> - Enter your valid email address

NOTE: (Please type your email address carefully, you must be able to receive a verification email from us in order to activate your account!)

Logging In

Once your account is created, you must login the next (and every) time you connect. There are two ways to login. Manualy, and Login-On-Connect (LOC)

Configure Login-On-Connect

Our special login-on-connect system allows you to login before you fully connect to our servers. This has many benifits:

  • Clean and easy automation with your IRC client software
  • Automatically masks your hostname/ip address
  • Bypasses login security checks (RBL lists)

Follow this link to configure LOC: login-on-connect

Manual Login

To login to your account manually:

/msg AuthServ auth <account> <password>      (without the '<' and '>'!)
  • <account> - your account name
  • <password> - your password

(optional, to hide your hostname/ip address) /mode yournick +x


To learn more of what you can do with AuthServ, and X3, see x3_help or

/msg AuthServ Help