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-===== Detailed instructions for mIRC users: ===== +===== Client Specific Instructions: ===== 
-  - Click View:Options from the mIRC menu, and select the "​servers"​ option from the left boxYou will see the following: {{help:irc:loc-mirc-1.jpg}} +  ​* [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:mirc|Detailed instructions]] for mIRC users. 
-  ​- Select AfterNET from IRC Network, and click the "​Edit"​ button. You will then see this: {{help:irc:loc-mirc-2.jpg}} +  * [[help:connecting:login-on-connect:​xchat|Detailed instructions]] for HEXChat users
-    In the password box enter "​**/​username/​password**"​ (without quotes).+  ​* [[help:connecting:login-on-connect:​irssi|Detailed instructions]] for irssi users
-Note: Replace username and password with your real AuthServ username and password. 
-Click "​OK"​ to save the changes. Click "​Connect To Server"​ and look for the authentication successful message. 
 ===== Troubleshooting ===== ===== Troubleshooting =====