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 ===== Client Specific Instructions:​ ===== ===== Client Specific Instructions:​ =====
   * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​mirc|Detailed instructions]] for mIRC users.   * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​mirc|Detailed instructions]] for mIRC users.
-  * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​xchat|Detailed instructions]] for XChat users.+  * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​xchat|Detailed instructions]] for HEXChat ​users.
   * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​irssi|Detailed instructions]] for irssi users.   * [[help:​connecting:​login-on-connect:​irssi|Detailed instructions]] for irssi users.