Hi there, I'm Wharf or Wharfedale From AfterNET.

I joined the network back roughly 19 years ago in the search of computing power to solve some triggernometry amd Quantum mechanics problems i had.

By 2004 My self and Rubin along with others created what is known today as Cern and are currently working on some new technology which will be known as the grid.

Don't mean to blow my own trumpet but i also have a Masters in English having spent many years studying at Oxford.

I have been an IRC OP AfterNET since 2002 Since Rubin realised i was pretty much a legend. Many users told the tales of Wharfedale when he was absent, many beleving me to be a myth. I have been known to have “ Special ” Abilitys according to other staff, not quite shure what they mean?

Also, having uploaded this page, i noticed above that IRC gets underlined to explain to people what it means... So i thought, thats smart..

Let's see... BIOS IDE ISA PCI IRQ VGA PCI-E AGP RAM HDD IO FDD CD DVD SMART SCSI CMOS EEPROM EPROM Not so smart anymore website! ^ how many did they flag?..... 1!!! LOL ←- WTF whats with my top lip?!

OK i've had my fun..