Some info on nesa

Some private info (and no, i don't care about privacy):

First name: Nebojša (ネボジシャ)
Last name: Mrmak (apparently impossible to write in katakana)
Nickname: Neša (ネシャ)
Nickname on irc: nesa (due to lack of utf8 support for nicknames)
Date of birth: June 20th, 1987
Place of birth: Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia)
E-Mail: yahoo dot com, with the username being nmrmak
Frequented rooms: #afternet, #linux, #help, #geektown, #regulars, #cybercafe, #skazi, #gasm

Short CV (not like anyone would read this):

1996-2002 elementary school in Belgrade
2002-2006 high school (graduated with excellent grades, same as having a GCSE or an A-level)
2006-present Faculty of electrical engineering and electronics, aiming to be a MBEng in electronics

Computer skills:
Proficient in maintaining Microsoft Windows machines (pfft... i could do that at 12)
Proficient in the use of Office tools (heh... i won't go into this)
Very skilled in using and maintaining Linux systems (didn't get hacked yet...good enough for me.)
Proficient in several programming languages, including Delphi, Visual Basic and Pascal
Capable of writing semi-complex programs in C and Fortran (guess the numbah!)

Fluent in written English, good in spoken English
Basic French, German and Spanish
Native Serbian speaker, can understand and communicate in Croatian, Bosnian and Slovenian

Previous work experience:
2004. Voluntary work on localisation of open source software (translating OpenOffice to Serbian language)
2005. Summer job in “Informatika a.d.”, as a computer repair and serviceman. Also worked on networking there.
2007. Setting up and securing an IRC, WWW, FTP, SSH, FreeCiv server, voluntarely.
2007 - 2008. Setting up, securing and maintaining a medium sized network for “Audiovox d.o.o.”