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Evil_Chipmunk is a Michigander who's been transplanted to the Washington DC area. He is currently in his twenty-sixth revolution around the sun. Often seen hanging out in #afternet, #regulars, #cybertrivia and #uno, among others, this 'mo has a snide sense of humour, and picks most on those whom he likes. Some of his common targets are nerdbutt, Krobar, JS, aussiegolfer, Snabbit, and of course, dcraig.

Evil_Chipmunk has been haunting AfterNET for a while now:
-AuthServ- Registered on: Mon Sep 27 20:29:23 2004
-AuthServ- Channel(s): Coowner:#webtv Coowner:#uno Coowner:#regulars Peon:#movies Manager:#cybertrivia Peon:#afternet


Evil_Chipmunk is in a relationship with theblackdog, who rarely joins in the fun on AfterNET. (Booo!)