Welcome to the page of #movies! Simply enough it is the film discussion central of the AfterNET. In coalition with #Music, We try to give an entertaining side to the casual chatting amongst both regulars and new folk. We have Nader around to give '!Rotten' command to the everyday user. And it's neat to check out what whacky percentages our favorite films, series, and plays got from that set of critics.

But! Check it out. New and fresh. Our own little forum, used to harvest our own reviews and opinions! Join, register up, and take a look. Come hang out with the #Movies/#Music crew. ;

!!Linkage!! http://z7.invisionfree.com/MovieWORD/index.php?act=idx !!Linkage!!

So aye. There isn't too much to say on top of that. xD It's pretty self-explanitory. Come join us at the chat/forum. Just a whole bunch of talk to be had. Laterz.