Privacy Policy


The Internet contains a wealth of information. Unfortunately, it may also contain personal details about you that you don't want everyone to know. For example, your real name (many people on the Internet use aliases, alter egos, or nicknames), street address, phone number, or e-mail address. When you go online, sites you visit may be gathering information about you without your knowledge.

The AfterNET network occasionally requests information from our users to better serve their needs. This information is kept entirely confidential, and is not made available to anyone outside of the AfterNET network. When you provide information to us, rest assured that this information is used solely for the purpose stated.

Information Collection

If you browse the AfterNET website, we record your IP address (a unique number assigned to you when you connect to the Internet) to gather aggregate information about where people visit from, and to reference in case of abuse. Alone, your IP address does not identify you, but we may furnish your IP address to your ISP who can identify you in case of a serious violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

We do occasionally ask you to provide us with personal information to better serve your needs, such as with our channel registration process and website login. We ask for such information as your name, e-mail address, other contact info, and details about hobbies and interests. This allows us to verify your identity, and provide community through the website.

Also, when you connect to our IRC network, such information that you provide with your IRC client is transferred to the IRC server and made available to the IRC community in general. This information is provided via a whois command and via CTCP commands, if enabled by your client software. You may limit the information provided to the community by limiting the information, or actual information, that you enter into your client software. The information about you sent by your IRC software is outside of our control, and should be considered “public” information.

Information Usage

If you provide us with your e-mail or Internet address, or have done so in the past, we will use this information only for the purpose that is stated at that time.

For website account and channel registration purposes, the information you provide us is kept strictly confidential except where you choose to make it public. The information may be verified to be correct, and is stored to provide us with a solid database of our users. We use given information only to communicate with you or to verify your identity. It will never be shared with other parties such as advertisers.

When you post information in our discussion forum, the information is made available to all other users browsing our Internet site.

Many users subscribe to our several e-mail mailing lists. These lists are used for one of two purposes: a.) to allow you to communicate with other users, or b.) to allow you to receive updates on the status of AfterNET. You must “opt-in” to have access to these lists. If you change your mind, and wish to no longer be subscribed, you may unsubscribe from these lists. However, our current software keeps logs of all e-mails sent to the list; therefore, as with all public communications, please do not post information that you do not wish to be made available to the public.

While we value privacy and the anonymous nature of IRC, we may choose to, or be required to, provide information to legal authorities. We will comply with any lawful requirements to furnish such information.


The AfterNET network encourages parents and guardians to spend time online with their children. We do not censor, monitor, or control the content of our network, and therefore we can not ensure that minors using the AfterNET network will be protected from inappropriate discussion or imagery. Please spend time online with your children. Also, inform your child of the dangers of the Internet, and encourage them to not provide sensitive or personal data to anyone online.

Commitment to Privacy

The AfterNET network will continue to enforce this policy as long as it is legal and practical to do so. We assure you, however, that we will do our best to maintain our users' privacy today, and tomorrow.

Acceptance and Amendments

By using this site, you signify your assent to the AfterNET Network Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our sites. Your continued use of the AfterNET network sites and services following the posting of changes to these terms will further mean you accept these changes.