Server Link Application

Written by Rubin
Friday, 19 March 2004


So, you're interested in linking your server to AfterNET? We are always open to the possibility of linking a new server. We have a few simple guidelines to help you decide if your server will qualify.

Introduce Yourself First

Stop! If we don't already know you, please hang out for a few days and introduce yourself before applying. We are more comfortable with applications from people we have had a chance to meet.



We cannot even consider hosts who are connected though NOCs with less than 3 Gbps bandwidth due to DDOS concerns. No cablemodems or DSL either, obviously. Preference is given to those with (at least) a dual-homed connection. The closer to a large backbone the better. We're looking for high reliability, low latency connections. We get targeted with DDOS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) from time to time. Your ISP must not be the type who will bill you for the bandwidth or discontinue your service if they discover you were the target of the DDOS. Even better if they will work with you to filter out the attack upstream, though an acceptable response is for them to simply block outside access to your server until the attack ends. Ports 6667, 6697, 7000, 16667, 9998, 4400, and 4497 must be available on your IP.


We're looking for a *nix type OS with enough CPU and ram to run the IRCd with up to 2000 connections. We want stable situations, where the owner of the machine is not going to force you to delink when your server is the target of a DDOS or they get bored and don't want to pay for the hosting anymore. We prefer machines which have a respectable hosting situation (i.e., not a server in somebody's dorm room, no shell providers, etc.).


We only want people who believe in free speech, quality customer service, contributing to the network, and group decision making. Ability to handle power with restraint and responsibility is a MUST. You must also be 100% above board. This is not a place for those with involvement in activities such as spamming, botrunning, and other black-hat thuggery.

The Application

If you still think you're worthy... ;)

Cut out the following form and submit it to us at support /remove this/ at

Be verbose, you aren't restricted to yes or no answers.

Server Admin Contact Information

Your IRC nickname:

Your real name:

Your email address:

Basic ISP/System Information

Desired AfterNET server name Name.CountryCode.AfterNET.Org:

Server's IP:

Physical location:

  • Country:
  • City, state/province:
  • Specific location (Collocation? Server under your desk at work? etc):

Operating system type and version:

CPU speed:


Load average:

How many ircds are running?

If the OS running inside a virtual machine, which type (vmware, xen, etc)?

Typical number of users currently on your server:

How many user accounts are on the box?

Are you the computer's owner?

If not the owner:

  • Owner's real name:
  • Owner's email address:

Do you have permission to run this server by the NOC or hosting provider, and do they fully understand the bandwidth and denial of service threat associated with running an IRC server? (Lying is a BAD thing.)

Connection Information

Connection details:

  • Class (T1, OC3, etc.):
  • Backbone description:
  • Bandwidth estimate (at bottleneck):

If (when) your server is the target of a DDOS attack, will your upstream provider be able to assist with filtering? Do you know how to contact them late at night?

Will your provider cut you off or make you delink if they determine your server was the target of an attack? (Ask them if you don't know.)

Admin Information

Are you responsible with power?

Would you say you have above average emotional intelligence?

Have you ever directly or indirectly taken control of a computer system without the owners permission? If yes, please explain.

Have you been involved with AfterNET in the past? If so, in what capacity? (Do we know you?)

Detail your experience with IRC in general.

How much time are you able to spend on AfterNET per week?

Please list any opers you have and their experience as opers and with AfterNET:

Anything else we should know?

Pings and Traceroutes

Please submit the results of a ping and a traceroute to each of the current AfterNET servers. You can ask a current oper for a list of server IPs. For example, you might run the following commands and include in your application the contents of the afternet.txt file:

cat afternet-server-ips.txt | xargs -n 1 ping -c 10 >> afternet.txt
cat afternet-server-ips.txt | xargs -n 1 traceroute >> afternet.txt

We will need to arrange ping tests to your IP, so if you block pings, please tell us the next-hop up from you which does not (must be in the same physical location):

Submit this form to support /remove this/ at Include the server name and administrator nickname in the subject line for ease of identification.

Thanks for your interest in AfterNET!