Acceptable Use Policy


AfterNET is a private service for chatters. We make every effort to ensure our environment is fair and open; however, we have the right to deny our service to anyone for any reason. By initiating a connection to our network, you signify your compliance with the following acceptable use:


No Spamming

No mass-advertizing (spam) is allowed. Our services are not to be used to push any product, service, or agenda. It is a violation of this policy to use our service to gather information for such use, or to send mass messages to our users of any kind.

No "Gaming the System"

We provide several mechanisms for our users to view and control their experience, such as rate limits, channels, bans, ignores, etc. You may not intentionally defeat any of these control mechanisms e.g. by changing your host to evade a ban or ignore, or using multiple connections to flood or make a channel appear more populated than it is.

Multiple connections originating from the same person (clones, bouncers, bots, etc) are not allowed, EXCEPT:

  • To connect for legitimate use of the network from multiple devices (such as having irc open on 2 computers)
  • To connect for legitimate use of the network via multiple software packages (such as using both pidgin and mirc)
  • A friendly bot.
  • Other legitimate activity pre-approved by us.

You may not connect to AfterNET from any computer or network which you do not have permission to use, and you may not use AfterNET for any illegal activities or to coordinate activities that are illegal.

No Harm

You may not cause real harm, or make serious threats of real harm against us or other persons. This includes threats of physical violence or denial of service attack.


We reserve the right to bar anyone from the use of the network for any reason, and you may not use our services if you have been barred from doing so.

In addition, people who have filed, or threatened to file civil legal claims against the network or its administrators may not use our services.

Finally, we may make changes to this policy at any time.


We do not attempt to censor our content in any way. While online, anything said is the responsibility of the sayer, NOT AfterNET, or its operators.

By using our services you agree to hold us harmless of any damages caused by your use or misuse. We make no warranties, and hold no responsibility for what takes place. If you use our services for anything important, and it goes wrong, only you are to blame.

If you are concerned by a violation of law propagated by someone on our network, contact the authorities in the region the law is being violated; we do not police content.

If you are under the age of 13 and a resident of the United States, you must not furnish personal information to us. This may make it impossible to use some features, but those are the breaks.

Due to the open nature of IRC, children can and will be exposed to inappropriate content online. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to discuss such issues with children, and protect them.

By initiating a connection, you agree to be poked, prodded, and probed by us to verify you are not running an open relay, proxy, trojan horse, virus, or other software we deem unacceptable. Our probes may set off alarms in your firewall. Be prepared to live with this.