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The videos

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Welcome to AfterTube, AfterNet Junkies' posting field for videos.

To Submit, you must read first The Rules, and then The Steps.


  1. The first thing you say in your video must be: “<Greeting>. My name on AfterNet is <UserName>, and I am a Junkie.”
  2. You can choose your own greeting to start it off. Try something local to your country/state/town/city, or something you say every time you come into the channel.
  3. The video can't be longer than 10 minutes, but Youtube seems to restrict that anyway. Speaking of which:
  4. The video must be submitted on YouTube.
  5. The rest of the video can be anything you want (except content that would get you kicked from Youtube - Wulfman I'm looking at you!)


  1. Record your video, using your camera/webcam/phone
  2. Put it on your computer
  3. Submit it to Youtube
  4. Take the URL of your video, and email it to - Make the subject line something like “AfterTube video from <username>”
  5. Alternatively if you are on the AfterNet servers, you can send MaddenedMan a memo, by typing “/msg memoserv send *maddenedman <link>” where <link> is the link of your YouTube video
  6. Wait for MaddenedMan to check the email address
  7. Revel in your newfound famousness

Junkies Who Have Yet To Create A Submission

In this section, you will note that there is a list of usernames. These are junkies who have been nominated by at least three other junkies to make an AfterTube submission. Anyone can submit a video, but THESE people need extra encouragement because they are shy.

  • Ravill
  • nerdbutt
  • dcraig
  • Krobar
  • Neisa (Apparently we need '11 more')
  • nesa
  • “Your Mom” (Yeah, she got a few votes too)
  • Beta
  • Hemingway
  • Wulfman
  • jigsy
  • oracle
  • keeki
  • Gir (Less dark, Less pants)
  • aussiegolfer
  • Snabbit
  • Therados
  • ibutsu
  • Scar
  • PlacidBox
  • wizayne
  • liveD
  • Penguin
  • PeanutHorst
  • And basically everyone who is an op.