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Installing IRC Software

You need some software to use IRC. Below is our list of help on using various programs to chat with us.

Clients (Programs that connect to IRC Servers)

Reccomended? Client Open Source? SSL/TLS1.2 SASL Operating System Notes
Yes heXChat Yes Yes Yes Windows, Linux/Unix
mIRC No Yes No Windows
Yes irssi Yes Yes Yes Linux/Unix Terminals
KVIrc Yes ? ? Linux/Unix
ADIRC No ? ? Windows
WeeChat Yes ? ? Linux/Unix, OSX, Windows
Colloquy OSX Yes Yes? Yes? OSX
Colloquy IOS Yes Yes yes iPhone/iPad
Yes AndChat No Yes Yes Android
AndroIRC No Yes Yes Android
ircII Yes No No Linux/Unix Terminals Old/Obsolete, for historical interest only
Ircle No No No Mac OS9 Old/Obsolete, for historical interest only

Web Browser Based

Embed your AfterNET channel in a website, or send links to it.

  • QWebIRC - Our officially supported web client
  • Kiwii IRC - New web-based client



  • Limnoria - Python based highly customizable plugin driven bot (Fork of Supybot)
  • Eggdrop - C bot, supports TCL scripts


  • Help installing your own IRC server (caution, advanced: for network administrators only)