AfterNET in your Browser with Qwebirc

We now offer QWebIrc where you can chat on AfterNET in your browser.


  • Connects using https protocol, which is securely encrypted and unlikely to be filtered on even the most paranoid internet connection.
  • Works anywhere with a javascript enabled web browser, such as FireFox or Internet Explorer.
  • Built in support for Login-on-Connect so you can authenticate with your AfterNET Account easily and keep your IP hidden from other chatters.

How to Use

  • Enter a nickname and a channel where you want to go. If you don't know a channel, start in '#AfterNET'
  • If you have registered an AfterNET Account, enter your account and password in. If not, just leave them blank.

Add Chat to Your Website

You can embed the qwebirc session into an existing website, to have your visitors chat via afternet!

Simply link to a URL like this:

but change MYCHANNEL to your channel name (ie #frogs), and MYVISITOR to something disinct (ie. ANONFROG)

Or, you can embed the chat in your own web page instead of a link:

  <iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>