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 Hallo.. Hallo..
-I've been on AfterNET for a few years now, and you can usually find me hanging out with my friends in our channel, **#thevillage**.  The owner of our room is enid, and I'm co-owner.  Our channel manager is @furriner, and our other ops include @SmallR2002 (or @SmallR2003, depending on his whim).  We're a pretty close bunch and most of our long-standing members can help you out if you have questions about our channel.  Drop in and say hello!  Our regulars include members from the U.S., Canada, England, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, and Australia.  :-P 
-We also have an external web site which was created and is maintained by our devoted manager, furriner. 
-For even more info on our channel, plus a gallery with some of our pics, check it out here... 
-♥ ren 
-**Click Here To Visit #theVillage!**