ZNC SASL login

Now that AfterNET supports SASL it is possible for you to configure ZNC to connect to AfterNET using SASL.

To do so the first step requires you to either enable the sasl module in ZNC's web admin or use the following command whilst connected to your ZNC with an IRC client to enable the module:

/msg *status modload sasl

After you have completed that step, you then use the following commands to configure your ZNC to use SASL for AfterNET. Where <account> is the account name you registered with AuthServ and <password> is the password you used to registered with AuthServ:

/msg *sasl mechanism PLAIN
/msg *sasl <account> <password>

After you have completed these steps you should need only to reconnect your ZNC to AfterNET using the following commands.

/msg *status disconnect
/msg *status connect