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Dear, Nerdie how do i get over someone i never met? this girl i know i have known for a long time now and we are good friends.she has a boyfriend who is a great guy and treats her like the world and is also my friend online. i can't help but feel jealous though. so what am i to do?

Dear Annoymous, Unfortunately, its hard to get over someone who is actually your friend. The more you talk to a person, etc the harder it is to get over them. The best thing to help you move on would be to try and talk to this person less. Meet other people.

2007/03/29 18:44

Bottom of the World

Dear Nerdie, there's this girl I've talked to on AfterNet, and I like talking to her. The biggest problem is that I'm on, quite literally, the other side of the world, so when I'm popping on IRC after dinner to chat, she's waking up for the day. What should I do, Nerdie? Regards, Anonymous

Dear Bottom of the World, If you really like talking to her that much, then you should set aside some time you know that she will be on and devote it just to chatting with her. Whether it be waking up a little earlier or going to bed a little later. Unfortunately dear nerdie cannot shift the time zones to make this one better. All you can do is make the effort or ultimately move on.

2007/03/29 18:40


Dear Nerdie, There's a person that I'm interested in. I think there's a great chance that he might be the one, but he's already in a relationship. I think he was interested in me because he asked me out prior to getting involved with someone else, but at that time I wasn't ready for anything more than friendship. Now, I'm wondering if I should make a move, or let his current relationship run its course. Is it worth breaking up a relationship for the possibility of my own true love?

Dear Indecisive, This is a hard one. On one hand, if you truly love this person you will want them to be happy. But what if you are what makes them happy? I would tell him how you feel. I would give him the option to see what could be with this other person but let him know that you are there. That you love him and that you know it isn't fair to him at this point to ask him to give up the current relationship because you turned him down before. If he is really your true love, are you willing to wait it out? If it's meant to be it will be, have a little faith.

2007/03/04 05:16

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