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Welcome to the #SETI@home IRC Channel on AfterNET

“Men and Women wanted for a hazardous Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Low wages, bitter false positives, long hours of data crunching, overheating CPU's and GPUs. Safe return doubtful if your beverage isn't caffeinated enough. Honour and recognition in event of technosignal detection.” –

SETI@home, an international scientific distributed computing project using the idle cycles of internet-connected computers & Android devices such as yours in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), needs your help to process data received from the Arecibo, GBT, Parkes - and eventually LOFAR, MeerKat & MWA - radio telescopes. Join us today at, here on the #SETI@home channel, and follow curated SETI@home & science news through

 Worldwide Data Transfers Map

Questions, thoughts or comments ? Want to commiserate with fellow data crunchers on tuesdays' maintenance outages ? Afraid you'll be abducted or decimated if we contact aliens ? Concerned that they are already here mutilating cows, burning our lawns and experimenting on us, or worried sick that we might really be alone in this humongous Universe ? You can reach our IRC channel to discuss these issues (and others) through your favorite client, or through AfterNET's web portal at

Visiting the SETI@home channel means you have read and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy section. Thank you for not trolling, spamming or being rude/disrespectful toward other users.

SETI@home is one of many dc projects powered by BOINC:

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“It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.” – Sir Ernest Shackleton, b. on Feb. 15th, 1874

You might find the following SETI & SETI@home historical backgrounders & references useful :

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All our thanks to AfterNET & Rubin for making our presence here possible (amongst many other users and channels with pages), and to Rubin & Gatewayy for providing precious technical expertise and tips.

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