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Hi everyone. Many regulars from AfterNET have been playing minecraft, and you can to!

There are a few different variants of minecraft we play on. Mainly Vanilla (stock + bukket) and FTB


The vanilla server is called SimPlanet and is run by Rubin and was last reset at the 1.7 release.

How To Play

Rules and Tips

  • We are a friendly bunch who prefer teamwork and cooperation.
  • Don't build near or modify others builds without permission.
  • Don't take from boxes without permission.
  • Be a good citizen. Noone wants to spend hours collecting materials just to have them lost.
  • There are several community projects and swap areas/free stuff boxes (take something leave something)
  • IRC - We all gather on IRC via channel #minecraft, and you should too. There is even an IRC↔minecraft gateway bot.
  • Everything was built by hand with no cheats. We never use /item or /tp etc oper commands except to fix technical glitches. Everything you see in the game was made 'legit' including community projects.

Feed The Beast (FTB)

FTB is a mod of minecraft. We play on an FTB server too sometimes:

  • connect to flash's ftb server: