Hi everyone. Many regulars from AfterNET have been playing minecraft, and you can to!

There are a few different variants of minecraft we play on. Mainly Vanilla and FTB


The vanilla server is called SimPlanet and was run by Rubin and was last reset at the 1.7 release. Currently running 1.10

How To Play

Rules and Tips

  • We are a friendly bunch who prefer teamwork and cooperation.
  • Don't build near or modify others builds without permission.
  • Don't take from boxes without permission.
  • Be a good citizen. Noone wants to spend hours collecting materials just to have them lost.
  • There are several community projects and swap areas/free stuff boxes (take something leave something)
  • IRC - We all gather on IRC via irc.afternet.org channel #minecraft, and you should too. There is even an IRC↔minecraft gateway bot.
  • Everything was built by hand with no cheats. We never use /item or /tp etc oper commands except to fix technical glitches. Everything you see in the game was made 'legit' including community projects.

Feed The Beast (FTB)

FTB is a mod of minecraft. We play on an FTB server too sometimes:

  • connect to flash's ftb server: daaw.nl:25566