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Simplanet, AfterNET's private Minecraft Server

Hi everyone. Many regulars from AfterNET have been playing minecraft, and you can to!

How To Play

  • Go to and purchase minecraft.
  • Make sure java is installed on your PC
  • Connect to server

Rules and Tips

  • We are a friendly bunch who prefer teamwork and cooperation.
  • Don't build near or modify others builds without permission.
  • Don't take from boxes without permission.
  • Be a good citizen. Noone wants to spend hours collecting materials just to have them lost.
  • There are several community projects and swap areas/free stuff boxes (take something leave something)
  • Don't build near spawn if you are uncomfortable with newbies wrecking things.
  • IRC - We all gather on IRC via channel #minecraft, and you should too. There is even an IRC↔minecraft gateway bot.

Features of Note

  • Everything was built by hand with no cheats. We never use /item or /tp etc oper commands except to fix technical glitches. Everything you see in the game was made 'legit' including community projects. (We do, however have some mods wich change things a bit, such as adding drops to some items)
  • We have a web map which is updated hourly. You can view this via The player positions on the map are live.


Tell an editor if you would like your house/project listed here

  • Spawn - Spawn is a giant compass of glass over water and lava
  • Saucer - Rubin built a large round disk in the sky as a part of his mountain home (visible east of spawn)
  • Spleefing Arena - South of spawn is our PVP spleefing arena, complete with synchorized fighter doors and a regenerating cobble floor over a pit.
  • Lighthouse - One of several lighthouses, features a rotating beam visible from many landmarks near spawn.


We are playing with adding an economy to make large builds with more unique types of blocks possible. Below are the proposed trading values for some items: Please discuss your thoughts on IRC.

Ammount equal to 1 diamond(Stacks)Ammount equal to 1 goldItemCredits
512864cobble 630
448756planks )720
448756stone 720
448756mossy cobble 720
448756dirt 720
384648wool (any color)840
320540nether brick1008
25632clay (drops)1260
6418clay (blocks)5040
1152144lapis (dust)280
128216lapis (blocks)2520
256432glowstone (dust)1260
6418glowstones (block)5040
81gold bars40320
324mycelium (shroom dirt)10080

Or johndrinkwater has come up with this table which is adjusted slightly. Meanwhile ps approached it more from a diagram standpoint (link needed).

We have identified some different mods as possibilities:

  • ChestShop - Player-to-player automated chest-based trading (uses signs to setup)
  • DynaMark - Dynamic market, prices fluctuate automatically
  • Alchemy or AlchemicalCauldron - Convert blocks between each other using recipes