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 ====== AfterNET User Pages ====== ====== AfterNET User Pages ======
-FIXME Index here+===== How to Create Your Own Page ===== 
 +  Login with the "Login" link in the lower right corner of this page 
 +  - Browse to https://www.afternet.org/users/youraccountname 
 +  - Click the "Create this page" link at the bottom of your page 
 +===== Users with Pages ===== 
 +<box 40% right red|WARNING>User pages content is not moderated! You may see adult content and offensive material. Do not continue unless you are OK with that.</box> 
-===== You can create your own AfterNET User page ===== 
-  - first, login, and then go to https://www.afternet.org/users/youraccountname and create the page!