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#TheGame|small=0 Hi my name is Rob, I'm easy to get along with. I can't really describe myself, you just got to talk to me, and find out for yourself what I am... And not try to judge me straight away.

  • I Just Thought This Was Funny
(Sprite): boiled egg?
(Sprite): im a spack cook
(LoneGun): sprite just do in microwave for like 2 mins

(Sprite): on it's own lonegun ?

(LoneGun): aye sprite
(Ched): 2 mins
(Ched): for 650 watt microwave

(Sprite): so a egg, in a bowl, on it's own for 2 mins in a microwave ?
(Sprite): n1 im off to cook
(Sprite): k guys

Cut for Space & NOT Very Interesting.

(Sprite): u guys are cocks
(Sprite): the egg just blow up