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 ====== Special Thanks to Our Contributors ====== ====== Special Thanks to Our Contributors ======
-[[http://www.fractalrealities.net]]+===== Users and Staff =====
 +  * Server administrators and IRC operators for hours of donated time (see /msg x3 staff) 
 +  * Users who assist in the #Help channel 
 +  * The many contributors to the content on this website 
 +  * The users, without whom all this would be useless 
 +And, specifically: 
 +  * [[http://g3mo.com|Gem_max]], for designing the awesome look on this website 
 +  * Jobe, SiRVulcaN and Reed, for their coding work on our ircd and services 
 +  * dcraig for keeping track of dns and routing 
 +  * Everyone else who has contributed
-And many more..