Nefarious 1.3 has been released!

What to do:

  • Get taken out of round robbin so no new users connect to you
  • Upgrade your ircd to 1.3 (see below)
  • Restart and debug
  • Get added back to round robbin

Note that ircd.conf syntax has completely changed with 1.3, and we now have an official 1.3 'base' ircd.conf on the admin and ircd setup page. Use that.

Beta 1.3 users

If you were running 1.3 before via the 'trunk' link from subversion, you should switch to the new 1.3 branch, lest you end up running alpha/broken 1.4 code without meaning to. To do this do the following:

svn switch
svn update


make clean
make install

Then you can restart your ircd whenever.

1.2 users

Note: 1.3 uses a completely different ircd.conf syntax!

Users of the old released version of nefarious, 1.2, should start fresh with a new source tree, you can follow the directions I updated to 1.3 here. It is fairly important that all afternet servers get updated soon, as there are some minor annoyances with a mixed network which we hope to not have to content with much longer.