AfterNET Matrix Server

We are experimenting with a new chat system called Matrix, and you can join us! Matrix is a next-gen open chat protocol designed to improve on IRC using modern tools.

AfterNET now runs an matrix server, and it is bridged with IRC so you can join many AfterNET channels on matrix. We are now federated (connected with the rest of the matrix servers on the internet) so you can use an existing matrix account, or login with your afternet username/password.

Downloading Matrix

Choose a client.. Matrix really shines on mobile platforms, where it isn't subject to disconnects and battery drain the way mobile IRC clients are.


  • On the initial screen, choose “Log In”
  • Click the box next to “Custom server options”
  • Enter the server url:
  • For username and password, use your existing AfterNET account

Getting Around

Channels from IRC show up as so to join a channel you can enter /join or just find it in the list. Your matrix user will show up on IRC with a [m] after their nick, and if you grant ops to this user, the riot client will have access to manage the corisponding matrix room.

Matrix is federated, meaning you can communicate with it across networks/servers. So if you already have a mozilla or account, you can participate in AfterNET from there (and vice versa)

Keep in mind this is all very new, and a little fresh, so it is not perfect!

Logging In

You can trick your IRC side self into being logged in, to get access to restricted channels or whatever:

Start a new direct message with (sometimes shows up as authserv[i]) send the normal AUTH login command to it:

AUTH yourafternetusername yourafternetpassword

You may have to repeat that later, if the bridge gets restarted, however.

Other networks

It is possible, due to the federated nature of Matrix, to also use other people's IRC bridges, such as Freenode:


Many freenode channels require registration, so you may need to direct-message to AUTH.