AfterNET's Texas Hold'em #Tourney


☛☛☛ All commands begin with the letter 'p' and a space, so the first command on the list would be typed as 'p join'. ☚☚☚

Joining and leaving

  • join - Attempt to join the next tournament.
  • quit - Quit immediately. Any money you've put into the pot stays there.

Picking game settings

  • blind <amount> - Set the size of the small blind.
  • double <interval> [hands] - Set time interval (seconds) for doubling the blinds. Optional 'hands' argument changes interval to the number of hands.
  • bankroll <amount> - Set the size of the initial bankroll for all players.

Starting the tournament

  • start - Start the tournament. There must be 2-23 players joined.
  • abort - Abort the tournament. Players will remain joined.

Gameplay commands

  • check - Get a warning if there's a bet to you.
  • color - Toggle colored cards. This will break some GUIs.
  • autofold - Toggle fold behavior. Either fold immediately or check when there's no bet. Fold means fold by default.
  • fold - Fold at your earliest opportunity.
  • jam - Go all in.
  • pot - Call and raise the value of the pot.
  • call [amount] - Call any bet if you don't specify amount.
  • make <amount> - Make the bet <amount>. Will call or raise depending on amount.
  • raise <amount> - Attempt to raise <amount>.
  • undo - Undo any advance action.

Vacation commands

  • vacation [nick] - Without an argument, send yourself on vacation. Otherwise, send nick on vacation.
  • back - come back from vacation. You can only bring yourself back.
  • remind <nick> - Remind nick that it's their turn to act.

Status commands

  • cards - Look at your hole cards.
  • board - Look at the board.
  • status - Print WRGPT-style status message.

Channel rules

Coming soon! :)