At first glance, this village seems picture perfect, but this close-knit community lives with the frightening knowledge that creatures reside in the surrounding woods. The evil and foreboding force is so unnerving that none dare venture beyond the borders of the village and into the woods.

Just kidding!

We are though a group of friends that came together several years ago on IRC and we span the globe. Everyone is welcome to join us so long as you keep our chatting experience free from abusive or obscene behavior. We also don't much care for people coming into chat to pick up a date - so please be aware you will be asked to leave :-)

We now have a website with a gallery in progress. You can see it at: http://theircvillage.net

Our Staff

  • Owner: enid
  • Coowner: ren
  • Manager: furriner
  • OP: SmallR2002
  • OP: beowulf - our bot

Chat Rules

  • Please do not enter the room with the intentions of obtaining a date. If you type 'asl' or provide your 'stats' upon entering the room you will be warned to stop. If you persist you will be kicked from the room - repeated offenses will result in banning.
  • Any abusive behavior towards chatters will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban.

Notable Chat Quotes

<chatter1>I know English to

<chatter2>Proper English?


<chatter2>Because I think you should have said something like: “I also speak English!”