Hello Welcome to the page for #TheGame. Let me share with you a little bit about what #TheGame is about, and its rules.

What is #TheGame About?
#TheGame originated from a game found at www.ILostTheGame.org, after more and more people started joining, it just became a place for people to chill, vent, and make new friends. A Place where maybe people who don't get along, start getting along... A place where people are comfortable to be at. Because, after all, most things in life are a game, and everyone should play fair, although..
Those who break the rules... GAME OVER MAN!!

1. Don't PM w/o asking first
2. Respect others in this chan. 3. Spread Love not Hate
4. Do not abuse privileges given to you (if any)
5. Crashing bot's = lamer
6. Don't feed the kids (ie. Quizzy, choirboy, LXIX, JayAre)

Some Rules are Worse than others, I offer these guidelines to my Op's.
Operator Guidelines
1. PM W/O asking: if someone complains, you really can't do much about it, except for warn them not to, and suggest that the complaining user puts them on ignore.

2. Respect If someone is being disrespectfule. IE-

Your mom is a fat w++re
F++k you!

I'm going to f++k your mom!

Warn them to stop, if this continues, then kick them both, if after being kicked it still continues, then ban them both, or ban the one who continues his/her actions if it is not both of them.

3. Any Racist comments are an automatic ban! I will not have racism in my channel!

4. If someone below your level is abusing their privileges then either lower their access, or take their access away, depending on how severe.

5. If someone purposely crashes any of the bots in the channel, then you are to lamer them! I would suggest a 1 week or more lamer, depending on if they talk to you and apologize, or what not. But no less than one week on their lamer! People take their work on bots very seriously, and it is very disrespectful to crash one.

6.All bans in the channel are removed after 2 hours, if longer time is needed, please use a timed lamer. Use your own discretion. Have a good day =).

If you have been given manager access (or above) then you have been trusted, You are to set a higher standard, a good example. I ask that you do not remove the +m mode on the channel, feel free to change the topic, but do not remove the link back to this page, also feel free to change the greeting (if permissions allow it) if you feel that it is out dated, or needs to be updated.
Try to avoid demoting users, but use your own discretion basically.
Give peon to the regulars, make them feel welcome. =D.