====== #RobsLounge ======

#RobsLounge is a great channel for Trivia! Quizzy handles all of the
trivia, and (as soon as it is fixed) updates them to the website. On the
side you could also join #TheGame for Chatting (and idleing). But be sure
to read the rules for my chans provided by K9 by typing $Rules, and other
readings by typing $Topics.

=== Contact ===

IRC: r0b!XBS-69@Helio.Users.AfterNET.org

===Basic K9 Commands===

Register: /msg K9 register ACCOUNT PASSWORD
Login: /msg K9 Identify ACCOUNT PASSWORD
Random Quote: $Quotes
List Of Games $List Games

==End Of List==
==K9 Op Commands==

$Up: Gives you Ops.
$down: Removes your ops.
$op NICK: Gives NICK ops.
$deop NICK: Takes ops from NICK.
$hop NICK: Gives NICK Half Ops.
$DeHop NICK: Takes Half Ops from NICK.
$Voice NICK: Gives NICK Voice.
$DeVoice NICK: Takes Voice from NICK
$Moderate: Makes it so users must have voice or higher to talk in chan.
$UnModerate: Makes it so anybody can talk in the chan.