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 ====== Policies ====== ====== Policies ======
-===== AUP ===== 
-In order to use any of our services, you must first and foremost abide by our [[aup|Acceptable Use Policy]] which lays out what is and is not allowed. 
-===== Privacy ===== +  * [[policies:​freedom|Why do we do it? Freedom is important!]]
-We also provide a [[privacy|Privacy Policy]] which basically states that we are not evil; we would never sell your info, or market anything to you.+
-===== Network Operator Guidelines ===== +  * [[policies:​privacy|Privacy Policy]] 
-All of our network-level staff have rules to protect users from '​oper-abuse'​. You can read those rules here: [[operguidelines|Oper Guidelines]].+  * [[policies:aup|Acceptable Use Policy]] 
 +  * [[policies:operguidelines|Operator ​Guidelines]]
 +  * [[policies:​children|Child Safety on IRC]]
 +  * [[policies:​linkapp|Server Link Application]]
-===== Final Notes ===== 
-  * [[policy:​children|Children Safety on IRC]] 
-  * [[policy:​dnsbl|DNS RBL (DNSBL) blocking]] 
-  * [[policy:​freedom|Freedom Is Important!]]