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The Land of the Happy Gasm

Welcome to Gasm, the new AfterNet IRC Channel. Below, you shall read the members of aforementioned channel.

List of members
  • MaddenedGasm - Leader of the Gasms
  • NeisaGasm - Queen of the Gasms
  • GnominGasm - Duke of Gasm
  • GasmScar - Knave of the Gasms
  • JuicyGasm (TrustMe) - Princess of the Gasms
  • SnabbiGasm - Prince of the Gasms
  • OrgasmDonor - The Doctor of Gasms
  • PhilGasm - The Commander of the Army of Gasm
  • AshGasm - The Jester (pending promotion ;D) of the Gasms

If you would like to be added to this list, let me (MaddenedMan/Gasm) know, and I'll think about it :D