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Welcome to AfterNET!

Getting Started

To get started, all you need is an IRC client. You can use our web-based Java chat, or download one for your operating system:

Once installed, connect to irc.afternet.org. We have detailed instructions available.

AfterNET is an Internet Relay Chat network that was founded in September 1996 and is dedicated to providing a free quality chat environment, which gives people all over the world a means to communicate with each other. We take special care to ensure that our network provides a place where the freedom of speech of all our users is respected.


We pride ourselves on maintaining high-speed IRC servers around the globe, with a strong emphasis on network and service stability. The network has an average of 800 people connected to it at once, and we are fortunate to have a very loyal group of users. Our main channel is #AfterNET and our help channel is #Help.

We provide username and channel registrations via our AuthServ and X3 service bots. Many organizations that host websites dedicated to music, sports, software development, gaming, or other special interests choose AfterNET as their chat network because of our “free” nature and our supportive and friendly staff. We hope you enjoy your time on our network, and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Network Status

In the event that our main website is unavailable or the network is experiencing technical problems, status updates are now available on a separate server: http://status.afternet.org/.

New Features and Updates

Link a Server

If you're interested in linking a server to AfterNET, please visit our link application. Feel free to stop by #afternet or #help and discuss your plans with us. In particular, if you're going to purchase a dedicated server for IRC, we'd be happy to suggest providers we've used in the past.

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Important Notes